July 2010: IN THE LIFE “Defying Stereotypes”

Episode Summary

The lack of fair and accurate representations of LGBT people is arguably one of the leading causes of homophobia. One way to eradicate homophobia is to counter stereotypes with positive gay images that raise awareness and reflect the diversity of our communities. This July, IN THE LIFE features lesbian “touristas” who bring positive visibility and lend a helping hand to local communities in the Caribbean, and rappers who use their words and images to change hearts and minds within the music industry.


In November 2009, a lesbian travel company dedicated to changing the world launched its first eco-friendly lesbian cruise. IN THE LIFE set sail with SWEET and a group of lesbian travelers who went to the Caribbean to spread positive visibility and to volunteer while on vacation.

I Am What I Am

Rap music has a reputation that has evolved into a stereotype – that it promotes violence, objectifies women, and is homophobic. But there are pioneers emerging, a new generation of rappers like Shorty Roc and KIN, who are countering that image head-on, and demonstrating that “one love” includes everyone.

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