Oct 2011: IN THE LIFE celebrates 20 years of groundbreaking media

IN THE LIFE marks twenty years on public television celebrating and documenting the faces, voices and stories of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. This season premiere opens with analysis of New York’s vote for marriage equality and closes with a look back at twenty years of covering the culture wars.

Sep 2011: IN THE LIFE episode “Changing the Game” about homophobia in sports

IN THE LIFE examines the message homophobic athletes send to young people on courts and fields across the country, and speaks with allies in professional sports who are standing up to put an end to it. Then, we follow a gay teenager on his journey from homelessness to college and meet the mentors who provide support on his way.

Aug 2011: IN THE LIFE episode “Gaycation” (video)

IN THE LIFE goes on “gaycation” with Sweet and Camp Oneida, two destinations where wayfarers come together to have fun and commune with nature, while strengthening the LGBT community.

July 2011: IN THE LIFE “The Art of Change”

This month on IN THE LIFE: the intersection of art and social change. Four stories honoring how art has inspired the LGBT Movement and its allies, in the fight for full equality.

June 2011: IN THE LIFE “A Message of Hope”

June Pride is an opportunity to celebrate one’s authentic self. IN THE LIFE features stories of gay and lesbian people who bring their whole selves to church and to work, creating real change within their communities.