Archives for July 9, 2010

Strictly for the Gleeks: Latest news on Glee season 2 and more

We already know that “Glee” has been nominated for whopping 19 Primetime Emmy Awards this year, and there will a Britney Spears episode in Season 2. However, I’ve been scrubbing the internet and my entertainment magazines for more, more, more news about “Glee.”

Forever K. Michael Collection adds Louisiana artist Cupid to From Day Till Dark eyewear campaign

Lafayette, Louisiana native, Cupid, is the fifth entertainer to be featured in the new line of designer eye wear [Forever K. Michael Collection]. Since 2007, Cupid has quickly become a household name with addictive singles like “Cupid Shuffle.”

July 2010: IN THE LIFE “Defying Stereotypes”

This July, IN THE LIFE features lesbian “touristas” who bring positive visibility and lend a helping hand to local communities in the Caribbean, and rappers who use their words and images to change hearts and minds within the music industry.