CAST REVEALED!!! Real World/Road Rules 2010 Summer Challenge

UPDATE AUG 27, 2010: Well, we now know that the next Real World/Road Rules Challenge is called “Cut Throat.”  MTV just released a teaser video a few days ago.  See below, and if you have Facebook, check out the fan page.  I also read on Vevmo that it was filmed in Prague, Czech Republic.  From here forward, I’ll put any additional news and such in new blog posts.

I was perusing the Facebook page for Fresh Meat II and it looks like they’ve posted the next challenge cast.  At first, I was inclined to agree with most on the discussion who speculate that it’s Rookies vs. Veterans, but if you look at the groupings there are some newbies on both lists.  Who knows?  I’m just excited to see a new cast compete.  Hopefully, they will live up to prior seasons’ drama, backstabbing, and all out competition.

I didn’t see info posted on the location or who would be hosting (I assume TJ Lavin again), but I’m sure more will be revealed in the upcoming weeks.

See below:

UPDATE 7/11/2010 1:30am EST- Saw the following on twitter (follow @MTV_RWRRnews <update: account now disabled>). The number of cast members do not match up between rookies and veterans.  However, here’s the response I got on Twitter:

MTV_RWRRnews @ifelicious Yes there is an imbalance which has caused many to speculate a 3 team format or there may be to unidentified vets at large lol

Veteran Males Veteran Females Rookie Males Rookie Females
Derrick Jenn Brandon Ayiiia
Eric Katie Dan Emilee
Johnny Tori Luke Theresa
Tyler Melinda Vinny Mandi
Abram Paula Derek Emily
Dunbar Sarah Chet Cara
Brad Shauvon JD Maria
Ty Camila


Ayiiia Elizarraras RW: Cancun
Cara Maria Sorbello FMII
Emilee Fitzpatrick RW: Cancun
Emily Schromm RW: DC
Jenn Grijalva RW: Denver
Katie Doyle RR: The Quest
Laurel Stucky FMII
Mandi Moyer FMII
Melinda Stolp RW: Austin
Paula Meronek RW : Key West
Sarah Rice RW: Brooklyn
Shauvon Torres RW: Sydney
Teresa Gonzalez FMII
Tori Fiorenza RR: Viewers Revenge


Brad Fiorenza RW: San Diego
Brandon Nelson FMII
Chet Cannon RW: Brooklyn
Dan Walsh RR: Viewers Revenge
Derek Chavez RW: Cancun
Derrick Kosinski RR: X-Treme
Dunbar Merrill RW: Sydney
Eric Banks FM1
JD Ordonez RW: Brooklyn
Johnny Devenanzio RW: Key West
Ty Ruff RW: DC
Tyler Duckworth RW: Key West
Vinny Foti FMII
???? Mystery man, yet to be disclosed

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  1. Wow, that cast listing sux! No Wes, Kenny or Evan? And bring CT back damnit!!!

  2. I wuold still assume it will be rookies v. veterans. Last time they did this, anyone who had done fewer than two challenges was on the rookies squad with everyone else a vet.

    Looking at the girls the rookies would be:

    Cara Maria

    Vet girls would be:


    My knowledge of the guys is a little hazier…

  3. No Noor from FM II? Boo! …he was my eye candy 🙁

  4. Just saw the commercial last night. CT will be on, it looks like. Everybody should be afraid, because I think he’s really here to win it thins time!!! GO CT!!!! Johnny bananas is all by himself, he better watch out!

  5. Noelle- CT is such a hot head. hope he can keep his cool to stay in the challenge.

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