CAST REVEALED!!! MTV Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat 2 airing Spring 2010

one of my all time fave badasses Coral Smith

We can thank who was able to get the skinny on the next MTV RW/RR Challenge season.  It’s going to be called “Fresh Meat 2” which I’m not sure why they call it that over the Ruins or Duel or any of the other names.  Maybe the rules are similar?

UPDATE March 4, 2010, 5:30 PM ET: Gotta love Twitter! From @SarahLuv who reminded me (@ifelicious) of the reason for naming “Fresh Meat.”  — It’s called Fresh Meat b/c they are bringing in new people. That’s where Evan, Kenny, Ev, etc came from.

Anyhoo, I didn’t even write about the last season, and this is probably my last remaining fave show on MTV.  The Ruins was just awful.  I mean they ended up with with KellyAnne and Sarah versus Evan, Susie, Johnny, Derrick, and Kenny.  Mind you, those gals handled it very well until the end.  I think Sarah alone would’ve beat the other team.  She’s tough stuff for a newcomer.

However, all of the remaining folks that I like were eliminated early, and I bet even MTV didn’t bank on it.  Hence, the good juicy, scandalous competitive drama was gone.  No EV (my challenge “girl crush”) or Wes or Paula or CT?  I’m getting old school.  I miss Ruthie, Coral, Beth, Rachel, Mike “The Miz,” etc.  I mean folks like Paula, Aneesa, Wes, and Susie bring some drama, but not like it used to be.

BTW, when the hell did Road Rules get canceled?  It just dropped out of thin air which probably has contributed to the downfall of these challenges.

Enough blabber…

So here’s this season’s cast.  They’re in pairs, but one of the pairs is not familiar.  Did they do some online casting again? Season premieres April 7, 2010.

  • CJ Koegel (RW: Cancun) and Sydney
  • Danny Jamieson (RW: Austin) and Sandy Kang
  • Darrell Taylor (RR: Campus Crawl) and Cara Maria Sorbell
  • Evelyn Smith (Fresh Meat) and Luke Wolfe
  • Jenn Grijalva (RW: Denver) and Noor Jehangir
  • Jillian Zoboroski (RR: Xtreme) and Pete Connolly
  • Katelynn Cusanelli (RW: Brooklyn) and Brandon Nelson
  • Kenny Santucci (Fresh Meat) and Laurel Stucky
  • Landon Lueck (RW: Philadelphia) and Carley Johnson
  • Paula Meronek (RW: Key West) and Jeff Barr
  • Ryan Kehoe (Fresh Meat) and Theresa Gonzalez
  • Sarah Rice (RW: Brooklyn) and Vinny Foti
  • Wes Bergmann (RW: Austin) and Mandi Moyer

UPDATE March 4, 2010: Here’s the trailer for Fresh Meat 2

Who do you think are the strongest teams?

Keep up with more of the juicy scoop about Fresh Meat 2:

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  1. Wow, it looks like it’s gonna be the Kenny & Wes show (again). A lot of fighting & hooking up– sounds like a typical challenge! I have to assume that the Fresh Meet cast members are kids that they found online. Evidentially, the vets are all paired with these fresh meat kids…

  2. RealWorld42 says:

    i only heard of wes, kenny, sarah, darrell and evelyn. i dont know half these guys.

  3. How could you not hear of katelyn and hear of sarah they were on the same season of the real world!!!

  4. I just started watching the premiere…maybe they will make reference to this later but who was the original alum that evelyn took place of? Tj made a remark about not being about to get into the country? Little fun fact did you know that if you are an american citizen and get a DUI while visiting Canada….you are banned from canada??? HAHAHA anywho back to the premeire

  5. @ll07- redoing my comment as i had a brain fart in my first one. now that i’m actually watching the season premiere, i see the part about EV coming in for someone who couldn’t get in the country. hopefully, they will reveal more in the season but i’m totally checking out the aftershow, surfing the net, and asking on twitter to see if i can find out. interesting Canada factoid. i’ll keep that in mind when i party in toronto for caribana in august. 🙂

  6. i beleive ev replace kellyanne or johnny i bettin gon kellyanne but still glad ev is back

  7. what happen to Jonny and Evan!!!! Miss them Lots

  8. God, Heather you are stupid. Why the hell would you want to see Johnny and Evan of all people again? Do you just like watching the same creeps win it every time? Talk about being a groupie for some meat heads. Really sad. These challenge shows need new blood instead of the same ole people on there. I won’t watch another one with Johnny and Evan again. Can’t stand hearing their voices and they’ve been on way to many.

    Tired of seeing:


    All of these people have been on way to many of these challenge shows. Find some new blood. They’ve made it to easy for certain vets to dominate this show as far as the politics go to where it isn’t interesting anymore.

  9. Paul- that’s mean to call Heather stupid. it’s all about freedom to differ respectfully. otherwise, interesting comment. they haven’t tapped much of recent RW casts so maybe that’s a way to get some MTV alum “fresh meat” in the game. but who can resist Paula and a round of tears or basically all of the guys you mentioned and their painfully sexist remarks when the competition gets fierce? 🙂

  10. kennygirl says:

    I just did a search for my main guy fave Kenny and I saw this new vid he’s in. I dont know the artist but the vid is hott. He makes it hotter, of course

  11. kennygirl- thanks for commenting and sharing the video of Kenny. going to take a look at it now.

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