Swagger alert! Betty White and Jay Z together on Saturday Night Live, in review (video)

I hope when I’m “88 1/2 years old” (as Betty said many times on Saturday Night Live with pride) that I have Betty White swagger!  America’s comedic grandma brought down the house on Saturday Night Live this past weekend- bringing in the show’s highest ratings since November 1, 2008 when John McCain made an appearance on the show.  Also, Betty holds the title of being the oldest person to host the show.  You go girl!  She was very gracious to the Facebook movement that led to this moment and had some witty remarks about social networking site to boot in her opening monologue.  In addition to the Betty’s SNL performance, WE tv did a “Golden Girls” marathon on Saturday in anticipation of the show.  Did anyone watch?

Not to be overlooked was Jay Z who was the musical guest for the night.  “Jigga Man” or “HOV,” as you new-heads call him, has such a repertoire of hits that you couldn’t help but be hyped by hearing snippets ranging from “Public Service Announcement” to my current party jam that puts my head bobbin’ in autopilot “On to the Next One.”  Oh, let me shut up and let you watch it for yourself below.  I hope this video is still online when you see this post.

Jay Z later returned to the stage to perform “Young Forever” (another personal fave of mine but I’m a “Jigga Girl” till I die LOL) with British pop singer Mr. Hudson. If you follow my blog (and you should, duh!) you’ll recall I dedicated a Throwback Friday post to the original tune “Forever Young” by 80s German pop group Alphaville.  Watch below:

The sketches with Betty White were hilarious, for the most part.  My personal favorite was the NPR “muffin” sketch with Betty and returning SNL alumnae Molly Shannon and Anna Gasteyer.  My least favorite was the McGruber sketch- something I just don’t get anyway.

My fave!!!

What did you like/dislike about May 8’s SNL with Betty White and Jay Z?

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