Ashton Kutcher tweets that Bill Cosby paved way for Barack Obama. Do you agree?

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I would put this on my other blog, but the Twitter convo started on the id related to this blog.  Let’s talk folks.

It started with this tweet that caught my attention…

apluskI believe that in many ways Bill Cosby paved the way 4 Barrack Obama. He made white america realize wht was the same not what was different

aplusk@r... MayB but the Huxtables where the 1st black family invited into my home on a weekly basis. Don’t underestimate the familarity of TV.

apluskClearly it wasn’t him alone but I think he made a profound impact. My pupils R black RT @springwhispers: What Bill Cosby? You are so white

apluskIf you don’t believe my Cosby theory look at all the @replys from people that do.

aplusk@S… please explain to me what I said that is racist?

apluskpeople can look down on him all they want @M… but for many white people Cosby was the 1st black person they let in there home.

apluskthey sat with Him in there living room with their family and laughed WITH him.


OK, here’s my parallel convo…

ifelicioussomeone please tell ashton kutcher that bill cosby should not be the 1st black man you cite who paved way for obama. for real?

ifelicious@J… that was as lame as britney spears “i trust my president” when the iraq war started

ifelicious@J… that was as lame as britney spears “i trust my president” when the iraq war started

ifelicious@G… like i get it but i just wouldn’t make that statement personally. cosby’s the only one they let have a show like that

ifelicious@aplusk i invite you to my twitter convo about your cosby-obama statement. i don’t agree

ifelicious@G… why do we need tv to help realize there are educated black people out there? i come from a fam of educated black people from burbs

ifelicious@J… we all tweet without thinking at times so no love loss there, it was disappointing to hear as an educated black woman

ifelicious@J… and you’re right, people gave there life for simple rights that i have today

ifelicious@aplusk guess what? popular opinion does not equal the truth. bring it! i want more than a tweet on this one

ifelicious– @G… with all due respect you need a new mirror because it’s not that different and does not reflect our society in the least

I’m done from my side but I’m sure Ashton will be fielding comments much later into the night.  I didn’t post people’s original tweet just my replies and Ashton’s replies, but you can follow what was being said.

So what do you think?  Did the Bill Cosby and the “Cosby Show” pave the way for Barack Obama?


  1. aw (pronounced "A Dub") says:

    cool interesting. i mean i suspect for many white people since the only black family they saw was the Cosby show, then for many of them they equated the Obamas to that. Of course I’ve heard millions of these statements before from the so-called educated elite (including profs), so i’m not shocked by it.

  2. You know, I actually saw the ‘Huxtables’ on the Today Show not too long ago and Matt Lower asked them that very question. It’s an interesting discussion to have, that’s for sure.

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