Ladies, when you have to go when you’re on the go, would you try a GoGirl?


I saw GoGirl on the talk show The Doctors last week and have been meaning to post information about it here. After some horror stories using those portable toilets of my own, I just might throw one in my suitcase, glove compartment, purse, and/or soccer bag as a just in case.

gogirl_prodshot3_hpWe women are not graced with a man part “down there” that we can just flip out anywhere. As the GoGirl representative and Dr. Tara Fields during The Doctors episode described, we women have to squat, whether it’s over a toilet seat or out in the woods. There’s an art to it or your likely to be wearing some of your pee. <– I know that’s gross, but ladies, let’s be real, especially on those nights when you’ve had too much to drink. Navigating the toilet situation can get pretty precarious.

How does it work?

It’s basically a funnel. If you want to get technical, they refer to it as a female urination device (FUD). The funneling action helps you aim away from your body.

Read more about it on the official website- They retail for about $5 which is a good price point to me that will likely get those of us who are curious to give it a try. I’m not sure what stores are carrying them (if they are), but you can purchase them online from their website.

For you Twitter folks, yes, even GoGirl is on Twitter– @Go_Girls ( They are also on other social networking sites. Check their webpage for more details.

Do you own a GoGirl?

Comment with your testimonial

Would you buy a GoGirl now that you’ve read about it?

Do you think there’s a market for GoGirl?


  1. I’d try it, but I guess I’m concerned about the seal. does it leak out when you’re ‘funneling’?

  2. Hi, my name is sarah, and I’m the president of GoGirl. I can say the leaking is not a problem at all. We have installed a ‘splash guard’ to protect you. As long as you hold it tight against your body, it’s quite amazing, but no drips or splashes. You’ve got my word, now go girl!

    (I’m on contract to say that once every minute. LOL)

  3. Okay I first I thought this was just CAPITALISM at its best…let’s produce one more stupid thing for women to buy or think they really need (i.e/ Plus-size sanitary napkins and pads, the idea of pantyliners for thongs and this one is a kicker— A VARIETY OF HAIR DYES for the pubic area! Yes I saw this product not only in RICKY’s BUT IN RITE AID) But,when I took a step back and really thought of the product— I WENT…WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT!?!?!

    FUNCTIONALITY: You have to admit every woman in her lifetime will encounter this situation and this device would be really helpful. And I don’t think it should only be used for emergencies. How many times have all women encountered nice clean bathrooms with seat covers and still piss on the seat is still a problem!?!?!?! YES— I said it. Maybe this device could help all those in need with everyday urination.

    MARKETING: What is really funny is the funnel looks like a vagina…WAS THIS INTENTIONAL? LMAO


  4. @Sarah- thank you soooo much for getting on my blog to comment. I sent a blast to my Facebook page and I’ve received a fun range of replies from gals and guys alike. Hopefully, I can get more people to post their reactions here as well (they never listen, so I usually have to copy/paste with their permission…lol). Let’s keep in touch and maybe do some sort of promotion. Do you know who the person was that appeared on The Doctors?

    @Deauna- Thanks for leading off with the comments. Good question!

    @Kawanna- What a “colorful” commentary. Love ya! 😉

  5. me likes it lots! tweet about it et al. Now plotting to buy for my occasional trips to places where it is hard to find not only a good loo but one at all – Thx Ife:-)

  6. OK ,so I have to hold this devise up to my body tight, hold on to the side bar or tissue department from falling on the toilet seat and on top of that hold my pants/ undies from touching the floor? Not for me. I will however, try it once but don’t think it will be useful to me.

  7. Erica Washington says:

    Ife, I totally thought you were kidding, but shared the concept with my friends. They ALL want the GO GIRL! Just think of those clubbing nights when the one person who doesn’t use the bathroom all night has to religiously go potty – outside of course. She – and she knows who she is… Needs a 1/2 dozen go girls. These make get Xmas gifts to put in baskets. They’ll be laughed about, but shortly thereafter stories of when the Go girl was needed (but wasn’t there) WILL COME UP!!!

  8. Ok, Ife I have to admit I was trying to figure out what the heck a GO Girl was. Now I have to say that this is a interesting product and I am definitely willing to try it at least once.

  9. AB-

    Don’t make this too hard on yourself! You don’t sit/hover to use GoGirl, you stand! That’s the genius behind it. Just unzip your fly/hike up your skirt, hold GoGirl against you tight enough to make a seal and ….Go! No holding your pants off the ground, supporting yourself and all that jazz. If any one has more questions, feel free to ask! That’s what I’m here for!


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