Archives for February 25, 2009

Ifelicious to take a trip down the pink carpet with Leslie Jordan. Interview coming soon!

Ifelicious announces upcoming interview with Leslie Jordan as well as discusses his upcoming stage play “My Trip Down The Pink Carpet” opening at NYC’s Westside Theater on Apr 15, 2009.

Fantasia interview from Grammys- supports Jennifer Hudson, reality show in the works, 20 pounds lighter and out of debt

I posted about Fantasia a few weeks ago (click HERE), but I know I’ve heard an interview since then where she’s explicitly stated that she was never in foreclosure but got surrounded by some bad folks. It might have been on Access Hollywood. Here’s what they quoted.

Jon and Kate plus 8: Gosselins get puppies!!!

Jon and Kate Plus 8- The Gosselin family adds 2 German shepherd puppies as a Christmas 2008 present to the kids.

OnTheBlackHandSide.Net: 20 Questions with Ifelicious

Interview with Ife author of Ifelicious Thoughts as featured blogger on On The Black Hand Side (