Jon and Kate plus 8: Gosselins get puppies!!!

Yay for puppies!!!

Yesterday’s episode was sooooooo cute as the Gosselin kids complained (gotta love Mady) as much as they got excited about getting not 1 but 2 puppies!!!  Ooh!  Lucky!

Good luck with 8 kids and 2 dogs.  I have 1 husband and 1 teacup poodle and my life feels plenty full…except I would always accept another teacup poodle…apricot color or red…I digress.

Do you think 2 German shepherds makes the Gosselin household complete??


do you think it will tip their sanity scale in the wrong direction??


  1. I just saw the puppy episode last night and was not surprised at Kate’s freaking out about dog doo-doo, shedding, licking, etc. She is obsessive compulsive about germs and cleanliness. I can’t forsee happiness for this family with the addition of two puppies. Joel kept mentioning that he was afraid of dogs. Maddy had a fit that they couldn’t pick out the names. They mentioned that they had less trouble deciding to have kids. I just don’t think that Kate will be able to face the responsibilities and loosen up to really enjoy them.

  2. Pam? Obsessive compulsive? Try dictator.

    I’m glad the fam got two puppies. The puppies will further foster a sense of empathy in the children. Compare puppies with kittens: kittens will teach the children to be distant, isolated, and independent. Yeah! for dog owners. Trust me, I know what I speak of-I had seeeeen it on the Tee-Vee.

    Also, speaking of pets, I want to give a shout out to all my “fish” people who have b-days at the time of this post.

    “Like the rest of the watery signs, Pisces is considered a “negative”, feminine sign, which in Astrology means it is rather introvert.” [the wikipedias]

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  3. aw (pronounced "A Dub") says:


    spare me. you just want to show off your poetic writing skills, that’s why you always write super intellectual, tree hugging comments. Commenting is your time to shine.

    Oooh puppies for the kiddies. Yea I hope Kate can do some self reflection. I thought she would over time, but I just saw her be real snippy to Jon. Whew! they are in it fo’ life!

  4. I just LOVE the family. I think two dogs is good for them – one alone would be overwhelmed! lol

  5. I have time and time again watched this show… Just hoping that Kate would lighten up. She can be nasty with Jon and the kids as well.. Then they get two puppies and the day they get them the one puppy she is telling “You are mine” the puppy goes to lick her and she freaks and says “OH NO I am not ready for that” Then don’t get puppies. It is alot of work..But does she care she is a nasty person and it’s all on TV. I guess it’s true money talks..

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