Fantasia interview from Grammys- supports Jennifer Hudson, reality show in the works, 20 pounds lighter and out of debt

I posted about Fantasia a few weeks ago (click HERE), but I know I’ve heard an interview since then where she’s explicitly stated that she was never in foreclosure but got surrounded by some bad folks.  It might have been on Access Hollywood.  Here’s what they quoted.

“We’re still in my home. I take care of my whole family so there’s no way I could [let] anybody take it,” she said. “It wasn’t a foreclosure, it was just somebody trying to take it away from me, but that’s the industry and there’s a lot of people out here, but as you can see I’m still a strong tough cookie, I got that from Miss Celie.”

Here’s an interview from the Grammys that focuses more on her support for fellow American Idol contestant, Jennifer Hudson, but also shares some of Fantasia‘s latest project.

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