Charles Barkley in drunken quest for ‘oral’ pleasure arrested for DUI…likely followed by a cold shower


(classic photo above, eh?)

Chuck, Chuck, Chuck…for realz??  The story is more tame depending on the media outlet, but the real scoop is out there.  While in Scottsdale, Arizona during the early hours of New Years Eve (so I’m guessing he was free to party by the night of Dec 31), Charles Barkley was pulled over for running a stop sign.  He was arrested after he allegedly refused to take a breathalyzer test.

So, I’ll pause here before going on.  My hubby and I are constantly bewildered why these celebs are caught driving drunk.  Why not hire a driver?  Why not do what regular people do and have a designated driver?  Why not take a cab?

In this case, I guess he was on a “mission.”  Chuck’s need for a blow job left him without common sense and he drove off, running a stop sign, on a quest for the blow job of a lifetime from a lady that rocked his world on a previous occasion.   That’s a good enough reason, right?  <insert sarcasm>  She jumped in the passenger seat while Charles Barkley was pulled over and Chuckie continued to objectify her hoping to share a nod and “carry on” from the police officer.

Instead, he was arrested under suspicion of a DUI (normal procedure if you refuse a breathalyzer).  Who knows where the young lady went, but heaven help her if the media gets a hold of her identity.

Admittedly, this is just straight up trashy celeb gossip that I’m inclined to say “who cares?” but it does beg the questions I laid out earlier about the dumb things celebs do when they have the financial means to make to stay out of trouble.  The feminist in me is getting fired up at the thought of all of you guys out there wanting to give him some dap for doing what he needed to do for a blow job.

Ay, yi, yi…

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  1. Who cares about Charles…lol
    Now how you are going to have Steph the Sapphic Songstress on your blogroll and not Inside the Q (Queer Black Cinema blog) or website??? …lol
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  2. @Queer Black Cinema- LOL!!! My bad, girl! It was a big reformatting boo boo on my part which is now fixed.

    Go QBC!!! 😉

    …and as far as Charles Barkley, my hubby reacted exactly as I thought a man would (yes, i’m generalizing, so please prove me wrong). he was all like he bets all Chuckie’s boys are now wanna get that chick’s number.

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