RIP Julian King, 7 year old son of Julia Hudson (sister of Jennifer Hudson)

Just when we stayed hopeful that the Amber Alert for 7 year old Julian King would end on a positive note after a string of related tragedies over this past weekend, we just learned that the worst has happened.  Julian King was murdered.

I just posted that Alter Bridge song “When I’m Gone” and it’s kind of eerie that I was drawn to that song over the past week because it’s so fitting for this moment.  So, I’m going to post it here again as we grieve the loss of another innocent little child.  God help me that I never have to attend one of those funerals.  The tiny casket…oh, I will just stop before I get myself too depressed before going to work.

Julia and Jennifer, may the Lord give you strength and some semblance of comfort in this extremely difficult time in your lives.

RIP little Julian King…


  1. that was so sad to hear, once it was confirmed

  2. He was so beautiful. RIP Julian King

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