Say it ain’t so, a honey shortage?

Anyone who knows me in my day to day life knows that I lovez me some tea with honey.  I began using it instead of sugar under the advising of a personal trainer I had years ago, and it has stuck with me ever since.  I am even known to walk around with a small jar in my purse sometimes knowing that I might land somewhere that doesn’t have honey (even will carry some tea bags).  Heck, I’m sipping tea with honey now.

I’m still trying to avert an impending panic attack as I read this article that starts out…

In 26 years of beekeeping, Ged Marshall has never seen anything as bad as the 2008 honey harvest. A miserable summer that has confined his bees to their hives following a winter bedevilled by deadly viruses means that production this year will be barely a third of its usual level of around five tonnes of honey.

later in the article…

Rowse, the UK’s biggest honey supplier, warned yesterday that the harvest has been so poor that major supermarkets will run out of stocks of English honey before Christmas. A global shortfall in production from Argentina to Australia has also driven up raw honey prices by 60 per cent in the last 12 months.

Pray for me!!! Shall I start hoarding honey in my cabinets?  😉

Here’s the full article…


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