Facebookers may have to curb their scrabulous addiction

Ok, this is old news, but it’s new to me. I don’t personally play Scrabulous on facebook (I haven’t become that degree of a facebook junkie), but I know it’s very popular. My non in the know hubby just casually mentioned they were being sued in conversation so I went to searching for more info. He surprises me with random knowledge like how he just up and explained the whole Hannah Montana = Miley Cyrus and that he’s seen the show…on the plane…as if he had no other choice. It just cracks me up!

If you are like me and were not clued in on the whole Scrabulous being sued by Hasbro ordeal, here’s some info to get you caught up:


As for me, I will stick to playing the regular old fashioned board game version. It’s a fond memory that takes me back to childhood and playing with my mom and grandma. Even the smell of the wood letter pieces evokes that fond memory. My current method of enjoyment, however, is beating my husband with a martini by my side. 😛

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