Throwback Friday: “Human Nature” by Madonna

This morning I tweeted, “if there were a job for being thrown under the bus i’d be employee of the month…” and got a video link in reply from James Elmore (@StageAdaptation) for “Human Nature” by Madonna- this week’s Throwback Friday post.

Glee’s Power of Madonna cover cd to be released April 20, on presale now

Madonna must’ve cashed in her diva stilettos at her local swap meet because she seems to be taking more appearances with “everyday” America. She recently appeared as part of the guest panel on the new TV show “The Marriage Ref” and is the guest of honor on Glee’s season return April 13, 2010. In addition, Glee will release their 3rd cd “The Music, The Power of Madonna” on April 20, 2010. If you just can’t stand the anticipation, head over to and pre-order the cd.

10/5/2009- What the Buck “Lady Gaga Attacks Madonna on SNL!”

The blooper in the middle is hilarious!!! I agree with Buck Hollywood, I don’t think the SNL skit with Madonna and Lady Gaga was all that, but people are all goo goo over Gaga. LOL! 😆

2009 MTV VMAs- subpar Michael Jackson tribute and Kanye acts up again…otherwise boring

Who else like me bought the hype that MTV was going to really do it up with a tribute to Michael Jackson? I was expecting to see more than Madonna’s speech and a short performance featuring Janet Jackson, however wonderful they were. I thought MTV would perhaps come up with an award to present to the family, maybe do some video footage of MJ at the VMAs through the years, intertwine MJ info for the presenters to share, I don’t know…just something more than what they did

UK Pop Singer Pierre Lewis- Unplugged (Part 3 of 5) DEBUT ALBUM, MTV, and SHE BANGS

UK Pop Singer Pierre Lewis- Unplugged (Part 3 of 5) Debut album “Mindset”, MTV Holla! and She Bangs, He Blogs