(Part 1/2) Interview with Dylan: MTV’s ‘Making the Band 2,’ Diddy, and Dave Chapelle’s parody immortalization

Dylan and I spent an hour on the phone while I put on my Barbara Walters game face hoping to probe beyond Dylan’s reality TV persona, what he learned from it, what he’s been doing since MTB2, and what’s next.

Yellow Springs, Ohio named one of “Americas 10 Coolest Small Towns”

Ha-ha, readers! For once, thou shalt not be bashing the gateway to the midwest- good ole Ohio! In fact, I was impressed to see Yellow Springs (home of Dave Chapelle) show up as 1 of 10 coolest small towns to live according to Budget Travel. I’ve been there once and was pleasantly surprised to see this hippie haven of a town in what seems to be the middle of nowhere, Ohio. It’s about 60 minutes drive from Columbus, just outside Springfield, Ohio