Dancing with the Stars Season 11 cast announced sans Octomom

In my recent blog post, “Dancing with the Stars Season 11 could be a circus. Who will be the ringmaster?” I named the people that caught my attention. Well, the rumors were all true about season 11’s “Dancing with the Stars” cast except Octomom Nadya Suleman (figures…she only wishes she could land that gig right about now).

Dancing with the Stars Season 11 could be a circus. Who will be the ringmaster?

I don’t typically watch “Dancing with the Stars” (DWTS) but the rumors of the upcoming season’s possible cast of crazies has me wondering if I should watch while the show sinks to the ranks of shows gone by like “I’m a Celebrity… Get me out of Here!” and “The Surreal Life.”

Kate Torgovnick gives us 10 reasons why she’ll be watching “Twist of Kate”

Over the past year, Kate Gosselin has come full circle in the court of public opinion. Around this time last year, most people thought of her as the shrewish mother of eight who was constantly nagging and snapping at her laid-back husband, Jon. As soon as they divorced last summer and Jon started dating a string of questionable 20-somethings, Kate became the sane and stable one to Jon’s man-boy.

TLC airs back-to-back “Kate Plus 8” specials on June 6, 2010

I ain’t gonna lie.  I miss those Gosselin kids almost like they were my own family.  Mady and those tantrums.  I swear she’s going to be something great.  Aaden and his super cute glasses.  Alexis and her love of animals.  I am super excited to watch the double dose of “Kate Plus 8” specials this […]

Jimmy Fallon mocks Kate Gosselin’s “Paparazzi” dance (video)

This spoof of Kate Gosselin’s “Paparazzi” performace on “Dancing with the Stars” done by Jimmy Fallon is hilarious!