Chantel “Chani” Christie: Real Teens of Hollywood star, Miss California Teen USA contestant, and singer

Chani album cover for Lyrics and Lipstick

Not all Hollywood teen hopefuls are busy offering crotch shots to the paparazzi for attention.  Meet the beautiful, multi-talented, and poised Chantel “Chani” Christie– daughter of retired NBA player Doug Christie (yes, the one that punched Rick Fox) and entrepreneur Jackie Christie.  At 17 years old, Chani is making waves of her own in the entertainment industry.  Signed to her mom’s record label Jean Rah Fya Records, Chani released her sophomore album “Lyrics & Lipstick” (download on iTunes and Amazon) on Valentine’s Day 2011.  The latest single is called “Gimme Love” and features Lil Mama who’s best known for the dance pop track “Lipgloss.”  Other projects in the works include a reality show “The Real Teens of Hollywood” through Dick Clark Productions, representing LA in the 2012 Miss California Teen USA Pageant, her second book “A Girl Has to Look Good,” and increasing HIV/AIDS awareness through her own ChaniGirl Foundation, just to name a few!

Listen to some of Chani’s music below:

Latest single from Lyrics & Lipstick “Gimme Love”

Gimme Love featuring Lil Mama by hotnewvibe

Debut single from Lyrics & Lipstick “Down”

Down Ft. iRoCc by XoChani

Here’s an interview with Chani from The Hollywood Official‘s (new blog find that i’m diggin’ btw) YouTube Channel:

“Real Teens of Hollywood” sizzle reel

(note: the info on this reality show, including this sizzle reel, seems to be out of date. i’ll work on getting the latest scoop on where things stand and update it on this blog post. if you have the inside scoop, feel free to leave a comment. ~Ifelicious)

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