Alejandra G launches super glam shoe collection

Love shoes?  Check out this announcement I received below about Alejandra G’s collection set to launch on May 19, 2011. ~Ifelicious

Alejandra G shoe collection

website- (not launched at time of this post)

Fashion forward, Italian materials. Impeccable design and a patented black and white striped sole

Alejandra G has officially launched her luxurious and unique shoe collection. Self titled “Alejandra G,” Alejandra’s foray into shoe design positions her as a bit of a fashion outsider; however, her story of how she became what will soon be one of the most prestigious shoe designers is a fantastic story of determination and persistence.  Alejandra G is sure to beguile the fashion world with her brilliant mix of textures, colors and drop-dead glamour.  Not to mention her patented Black and white striped sole, making her shoes identifiable, unique and daring. She has brought her initial collection alive by putting everything she believes makes shoes unique and sexy. Alejandra, truly believes accessories are the “heart and sole” to a woman’s outfit.

Alejandra G honed her skills at the prestigious Ars Suttoria School, where she would fine-tune her abilities. By working with some of the world’s most skilled artisans. Here is where she began conceiving her own label, She is proud to debut her very first Alejandra G collection. A heady mix of textured heels and magnetic style, which will make her entrée an immediate success.

She is sure to gain notoriety for her exceptionally crafted footwear, which the fashion industry will be sure to become loyal followers. A key aspect to the Alejandra G collection is the allure of the label’s exclusivity. It is a niche brand of supreme technical quality that is entirely created with materials imported from Italy. Alejandra plans to position her signature label as a luxury brand that is run with rigorous personal involvement.

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