Portland based company launches controversial Dumpster Baby clothing line

I don’t know about this idea, and don’t get me started on folks from Portland… Read the press release below about a new clothing line called Dumpster Babies, and tell me if you think this is brilliant or dead on arrival (no pun whatsoever intended). ~Ifelicious

DumpsterBaby.com is a new clothing brand based in Portland Oregon that serves the darker and more mischevious side of the humorous clothing brand spectrum and they have just launched thier online store serving men, women, and babies.

(PR Log) May 21, 2010 — “Recycle Your Babies,” “Born on Prom Night,” “Dumpster Baby Survivor.” Those are just some of the slogans on the products in the pipeline for www.DumpsterBaby.com the new Portland, Oregon based clothing brand. The hope of the owners are to, “Push the boundaries of what is socially acceptable through our dark and sardonic clothing art, that is shocking, but also whispers with an underlying voice, a challenge to the hypocrisy and the status quo of certain elements of American society.”

The webstore launched today but the brand does’t officially launch until May 27th with a large launch party planned for in, you guessed it, a “warehouse under a bridge.” (specifically the Warehouse at 230 East Burnside in Portland’s industrial eastside river front district).

That sense of irony and snark permeates the brand. Their website at www.dumpsterbaby.com is full of it. The link to their twitter page (twitter.com/dumpsterbabies) is a crow perched ominously on the street light. Facebook (Dumpster Baby) is an image of a rat. Media is a broken TV set. Contact us is represented by a pile of dirty phone books. The store is a shopping cart leaning up against the dumpster and most shocking is the “share” link.

Share, know where you find all those cute little icons to broadcast a page over social networks, on their site, is represented by a pile of used needles on the pavement of the dark wet alley.

That is truly an interesting juxtaposition and stark contrast to today’s clean pop culture consumerist banality. A store, that outright says, “thanks for your money,” selling baby clothes in a dark and dirty alley with a pile of needles and a large rat welcoming you.

Only time will tell if this clothing brand will be successful, though a gut reaction to it, albeit shocking and uncomfortable, could see this brand on the walls of a Spencers, Hot Topic or similar store that caters to the tastes of society’s darker side.

For now the owners of DumpsterBaby.com just want to, “…make something cool and if it goes nowhere then it goes nowhere. Our friends and most of our family members get it and think its cool. If that’s all the love we see that’s good enough for us.”

The www.dumpsterbaby.com launch party is Thursday May 27th from 6 to 10pm at the Disjecta warehouse space at 230 East Burnside in Portland Oregon. The party is open to the public and all are welcome to come see their work and sample beer from sponsor Ninkasi Brewing, eat Voodoo Doughnuts, and drink Rockstar Energy Drink.


  1. Portlanders have a witticism unlike most communities. I think the rest of the nation will come to appreciate Dumpsterbaby.com once they see that it’s actually a light-spirited way to not only show your spunky side, but to genuinely raise awareness of a national tragedy that really doesn’t get enough press.

  2. As co-founder of http://www.dumpsterbaby.com, thank you for the press. As the previous post alluded to our work is meant to be shocking at first glance, have a humorous bouquet, followed by a finish that makes you consider the unfortunate occurrence we’re capitalizing on.

    Our hope is to create a message that we can be proud of with every piece, ruffle some feathers and get people thinking. Love it or hate it, if you can’t ignore it, you’re forced to consider it and awareness is always better than ignorance.

    Thanks again for spreading the word!

  3. Jenny and Carl- thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your thoughts.

    Carl- Keep me posted on how things go. i’m curious to see how your idea works out.

  4. I have actually loved this dumpster baby clothing line.I advise parents to take interest in this new product,their babies will enjoy life to the fullest.Thanks for the information.

  5. Dumptser baby clothing design is perfect way of manifestation ones idea far from the usual way.
    nilo@baby products´s last blog post ..Should I buy a baby rocker?

  6. i’m surprised at the responses so far. i’m not sure what to think about a clothing line by the name “dumpster baby” but it seems like more people are not concerned. thanks for your comments.

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