Fresh Music: Black gay artist Nhojj hits #1 on MTV Music with “Love”


The following excerpt is from Queer Black Cinema’s blog Inside the Q post “BREAKING NEWS: Black Gay artist debuts #1 on MTV!

In less than a week, Nhojj went from # 7 to #1 on the chart for his song, “Love.” The song is also featured in award winning film, “Blueprint” directed by Kirk Shannon-Butts. The music video was also directed by Kirk which feature clips from the movie,” Blueprint.”…This year is proven to be a great year time and time again. Nhojj made history by not only being the first Black gay male artist to win at Out Music Awards but also written up on and again on BET’s Centric TV. All of Nhojj’s hard work is finally paying off at least in the eyes of the mainstream media.

Check out the video for “Love“…


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