Ifelicious Confession- (deep breath) I watch VH1 Tool Academy

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

Ok, the above photo is me…well not really, it’s Victoria Beckham…insert some brown skin, about 30 more pounds, and little less fashionable. 😉

What I mean it’s how I feel each week I allow my brain to lose vital brain cell activity while I watch…oh the shame!  The horror! …

… I watch “Tool Academy” on VH1.

Yes, it’s true, damnit!  I have been watching VH1’s “Tool Academy” which is now in its second season.  I wouldn’t rank it as a great show, but I just get a kick out of watching a throwback to the Cro Magnon era.  You know, “Me Tarzan, you Jane!” kind of entertainment.  It’s testosterone fest with girls that love as much as they don’t want to love these guys.  Just awful, but I watch anyway.  😆 I don’t even know if anyone really walks off this show a winner.

This last episode reminded me of how dumb this show is.  Watch the caveman brawl…

Oh reality tv, why do you draw me in like this?  👿


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