Throwback Friday- Irene Cara “Out Here On My Own”


As a new generation tries to remake a classic, against my better judgment, I am taken back to the original movie “Fame” from 1980 as well as the tv series that was equally awesome.  Irene Cara really had her moment during this period of time.  As I choose her song from the Fame soundtrack “Out Here On My Own” I am taken back to my school days when this was one of those songs that would inevitably be sung at talent shows, and every kid taking piano lessons somehow ended up learning this song as one of their “cool” songs.  Also, those short bangs that Irene Cara (“Coco”) used to rock were classic!  I can’t tell if I had a crush on Leroy or if he was just one of my favorite characters, but I was always drawn to him, too.  Oh, the whole cast was phenomenal!


If you enjoy musicals (I missed seeing “Fame” on stage), you need to have the “Fame” soundtrack in your collection.  It’ll make you dance around the room and wish you were on Broadway!  😆 I may revisit this soundtrack at a later time with a few other classics, but for this week’s Throwback Friday it’s Miss Irene Cara with “Out Here On My Own.”

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Bonus!!!  Trailer from original movie Fame 😎

Now the trailer for the remake of Fame opening in theaters today (Sep 25, 2009)

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