Throwback Friday- “Pass The Dutchie” by Musical Youth


What happened to the little cuties from Musical Youth? They’re probably all grown with kids of their own by now.  I remember being thrown off when I got a little older to learn that “dutch” or “dutchie” referred to marijuana. But wait!  Before you gasp and frown upon little British-Jamaican kids, wikipedia offers an explanation:

Based on the Mighty Diamonds “Pass The Kouchie” (a song about cannabis), the title had been subtly altered to feature the patois “dutchie”, referring to a type of pot used for cooking. This idea is reinforced throughout the political and economic overtones throughout the song about extreme poverty and Musical Youth asking the question “How does it feel when ya got no food?”

See, don’t you feel better now?  🙄

Regardless of its age appropriateness (just look at what we have young folks singing today), we all fell in love with the light reggae rhythms of this sweet pair of brothers (Michael and Kelvin Grant, Patrick and Freddie “Junior” Waite, also Dennis Seaton) band out of the UK back in 1982.  The original band members included: Dennis Seaton (vocals), Michael Grant (keyboard), Patrick Waite (basss), and Freddie “Junior” Waite (drums).  Feel the island breeze and blue Caribbean waters while you listen to “Pass The Dutchie” by Musical Youth.

Read more about Musical Youth HERE.

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  1. Thanks, Ife. Just listened to this song last week. What great memories!

  2. I am obligated to post the mighty diamonds at sunsplash

  3. the hottness! legalize it!

  4. ok i’ve replayed it like 6 or 7 times now! this song is sooo fun! i feel like gettin up out of me seat and skankin!

  5. oh snap they are skankin at the end of the video! that cracked me up.

  6. billy goode says:

    musical youth was made of the original members freddie waite sr and jr patrick waite kelvin and michael grant dennis seaton was’nt a original member who family are from st kitts and not jamaica

  7. Billy Goode- thanks for your comment. you prompted me to revisit this post and make sure the information reads accurately.

    adub- brings back memories, huh?

    Columbus Caribbean- very cool!

  8. Billy goode says:

    Dennis seaton once got thrown into the canal in nechells before he joined musical youth for being cheeky with some of the older guys

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