One of my new fav tv shows “Michael and Michael Have Issues” on Comedy Central


I ran across “Michael and Michael Have Issues” on Comedy Central randomly one night while channel surfing and was instantly hooked.  It even woke my hubby up from sleep who joined me watching the show.  I haven’t heard people talk about it much so I thought I’d give the show some blogger love.

Excerpt from Huffington Post about the show…

“Michael & Michael Have Issues” is a show within a show within a show. The two leads, Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter, play themselves introducing sketches of a show which follow them writing/creating sketches which they later appear in. If you don’t understand what the hell is going, don’t worry, just tell your friends it’s “meta” and they’ll leave you alone. Suffice to say it’s intentionally uncomfortable both in its relationship to the audience and its humor, but the show is much less awkward and edgy than the pair’s former projects.

Here’s a trailer for the show.

I don’t think the trailer does the show justice.  Here are a few clips…
The Virginity Pledge

Break Up Sweatpants

Do you watch the Michael and Michael?  If so, what do you think about it?

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