Throwback Friday- Kool and the Gang “Hollywood Swinging”


If you follow my blog regularly, I just knew I had to make this song the Throwback Friday post for this week given my trip out to Hollywood last week.

Hey! Hey! Hey!
What you got to say?
Hollywoooood!  Hollywood Swinging!

It’s been my theme song for like a week now.  Love me some Kool and the Gang.  If you look over their discography, they just pumped out album after album loaded with classics.  Think of how many times you’ve gone to a sporting event and heard a Kool and the Gang song.  Their songs make for good karaoke, too!


“Hollywood Swinging” has been sampled several times in more recent years by DJ Kool (“Let Me Clear My Throat”), Mase (“Feel So Good”), and I’m sure others around the world.  Even more significant is the album “Wild & Peaceful” that includes the song “Hollywood Swinging” was released the year I was born (I’ll let you look that up).  Maybe it’s a sign!  LOL

Enjoy this live performance of “Hollywood Swinging” from 1983 courtesy of YouTube…

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