MTV has a hit on their hands with TI’s Road to Redemption

Why do the cute ones have to be such bad boys?

It’s been a while since I’ve really been hooked on an MTV show as much as I watch their programming.  They’ve got me hook, line and sinker with TI’s Road to Redemption: 45 days to go.  It’s nice to see TI (birth name: Clifford Joseph Harris Jr.), and all that he’s made of personally and professionally, get featured doing something really positive with his life and with the lives of others.  Sure, you could argue that choosing to film this for television kind of takes away from the authenticity of his efforts, but I’d rather see a reality show with some positive programming than the sea of predictable trash that’s out there now.

Here are some clips from YouTube

One the first episode, TI meets up with Pee Wee and teaches him about the pitfalls of being a hustler.  The part where they visit a mortuary was really moving.  It’s also interesting to get a glimpse at TI’s personal life with his children ex-girlfriend Tiny (formerly of girl group Xscape).

This is the clip from when Pee Wee gets arrested.

Associated Press interview with TI about his new MTV show TI’s Road to Redemption.

Watching the first episode, I was surprised to learn that TI has 6 kids.  Here’s what I got from wikipedia.

T.I. has four biological children- Messiah YaMajesty Harris, Domani Uriah Harris, Deyjah Harris, and King Harris.

Tiny has a baby from another relationship-Zonnique Jailee Pullins, but T.I. claims her as his own (his ‘fifth’ child).

This post is missing his last child with Tiny named Major Harris born in May 2008.

Have you been watching this show?

Does it make you look at TI any differently?

Do you think TI has truly learned his own life lesson?

Do you feel the impact he makes on the 7 young lives on the show will last beyond an episode?

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