Audrina thinks Lauren slept with Justin Bobby. Is she drinking the same crazy juice as Heidi?


Even I don’t believe that for a second.  Why would Audrina think that someone wants or would hook up with the guy she wants but doesn’t ever really act like he wants her back?

Audrina, I don’t know you but something has totally rocked your self esteem.

I have a girl power song list for you, hon, just dial me up.  For realzz.

Justin Bobby is all about games so him not answering your calls is nothing new.  To top it off, you let him get to you to the point where you let your crazy girl come out.  Plus, you damaged an already fragile “friendship” with LC.


If the rumor was staged for reality tv, that’s just mean because it did look like the girls were hurt.


Beeyatch Pleez!!!


Yours truly,


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