Wilhelmina Slater on Ohio…hideous!

I am cracking up right now!  I don’t know why Ohio is such a point of reference for boring average America.  I need to get the truck up outta here!  😉

I’m watching Ugly Betty at the part where she and Wilhemena are at lunch…

Wilhemina: “Look at us.  Two women of color out for a fancy lunch.  Isn’t this fun, girlfriend?”

Ugly Betty: “I guess.”

Wilhemina: “And the blouse is heaven.  Where did you get it?  I love it.”

Ugly Betty: “Ok, no you don’t.”

Wilhemina: “No, I don’t it’s hideous, like driving through Ohio.”


I love me some Vanessa Williams, but I think she might be typecast right now.  She does the Wilhelmina character so believably well that I can’t shake that evil feeling even when I see her appear off the show.  Kind of like Gabrielle Union.

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