My fav MTV show is back on! RW/RR Challenge: The Island

I won’t confess to how many times that I watched it over the past few days, nor that I’m watching it now.  😉  The RW/RR Challenges appeal to me mainly because…

  1. I get to see RW alumni (never got into RR) and know what they’re up to now
  2. I love competition, and it’s so much fun to watch cast members that I feel like I know (at least from my living room couch) duke it out in the spirit of competitiion!

So this season is sort of set up like Survivor which makes me laugh a little because I feel MTV had the reality show thing on lock years before Survivor and the likes.  In any case, they have maintained the MTV spirit in the way that the challenge works…with some twists…

  1. They’re stranded on an island off the coast of Panama
  2. Limited food supply and other conveniences
  3. Man/Woman to man/woman competition (no teams and girls and guys can compete against each other)
  4. Vote as a group for who will go into a challenge
  5. Challenge losers make a plea to the rest of the competition, and then everyone votes out loud, right on the spot, in front of the bottom two on who they want to send home.  Most votes goes home.
  6. Fighting for keys to unlock treasure chest on an island within view but out of swimming range
  7. Air drops also include materials to build boat that the will use to get to the island at the end

Craziness, huh?!?

With all that said, I felt a little bad for Tonya.  It’s true, usually the newbies are the ones that get voted into things, and somehow that didn’t happen in episode 1.  I wanted to see her last a bit longer so I could see if these life changes that she was so excited to show other cast members and viewers really happened.  That seemed to mean more to her than the competition itself.  Well, back to your tiny town in Nebraska bagging groceries you go!

Oh!  I nearly forgot!  I am soooo happy to see that Johanna has kicked Wes to the curb (or however that went down).  He was so degrading towards women and has a killer temper (she’s feisty, too, don’t get me wrong).  Now she and Kenny are slobbin’ each other down (they’re calling it “Kennyhana” on…funny).  Not sure what to think of that, don’t really care either.

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