Gs to Gents, past meets present

Ok, I would NEVER have thought I’d watch MTV’s From Gs to Gents and be moved to tears, but this week’s episode touched a nerve with me and I would imagine everyone.  We all have been hurt in our lifetimes, and not everyone has the ability to let go of it, grieve it in the moment.  Bentley brought out his momz and did this exercise (she handled herself well, like mother like son I guess).  Cee, man!  I felt crushed inside to watch him hurt so much from sharing his story how his mom put him in foster care.

I agree with Bentley that this was probably the toughest elimination because, to me, the show is down to all of our favorites.

Here’s what I was saying/thinking as I watched the show…

E6 and his son.  Wow.  I hope that was a wake up call.

Shotta‘s son is sooooo cute!

Cee, Gina (sort of ex-girlfriend), and their daughter.  How could you not root for that relationship?  He strikes me as the type that would become a devout Christian or something, you know?  But the Gs aren’t buying his song and dance (seriously, the baby shoes on your box were over the top homey), and they’re much closer to him than I am on edited reality television.

I think Creepa (his real name is Thaddeus?? stick with Creepa, son!) has already upstaged his mom.  Man, I just want to reach out and give Creepa a hug.  At the same time, like I’ve been sayin’, he needs WAY more than this show to keep up on the right path.  He needs some after care.  MTV, maybe a spinoff show??  Call me!  😉

As I’m watching, I’d be voting for E6 if I were there.  Apparently, only Cee voted like me.  My thing with E6 is that he seems so unchanged so lacking emotion.

What!  That’s right y’all!  It’s about time you listened to me!

Ls and Gs (Ladies and Gentlemen…hee-hee!)

I present thee with THE FINAL THREE




Finale next week, son!



p.s.  All those NY and NJ accents made me homesick for the east y’all.


  1. I really, honestly thought that E6 should have won the compition. He is sucha gentleman. Whe E6 got kicked off I came to tears. Best luck for you an your children E6, When T Jones got kicked off i also came to tears becasuse he was one hell of a gentleman. I understand that he didn’t have kids but it dont have nothing to do wit having kids right,, its about who can change from a thug to a gentleman. D Boy was not a gentleman at all. He deserved to leave the show but i feel that E6 an T Jones shoulda been the final 2. Mr. Bentley I am a big fan of your show. I watch it everyday an I think after this one you should start another one wit all new people. Its amazing how much people can change,
    I love all you guys an wish i could meet some of you guys in person for real. Keep ya heads up,,
    Good Luck Cee, Creepa, an Shotta…

  2. @Kayla D- i see your argument. it’s hard when these reality shows get down to the final few. we all have our favs. but hey, there’s still the reunion show episode. i think it might follow the finale.

  3. luvd it! thanks for interviewing mikey p or i may have never watched this show. i snuggle up with my boo and my laptop and we laugh and cry together watching it. .. i may have been the only one crying ;o)

  4. I am pleased with the winner {Creepa}I think he truly deserved to win he is definitely a changed man.I see him doing better things with the money he won plus he is one of the men that were truly a real thug a real G!!Good luck to all the other guys in their future transformation.

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