Oprah or Ellen? Whose season kickoff did you prefer?

I’m glad that they finally moved Ellen to 3pm so it was not competing with Oprah at 4pm (at least as far as I’m concerned).  I’m a fan of both for very different reasons, and yesterday, I had the chance to catch their season kickoff shows.  I must say having Michelle Obama on Ellen held my attention way more than Oprah’s host of Olympic medalists.

If you watched either or both, which show did you prefer?  If you didn’t, which would you choose?


  1. SolidMastery says:

    Books: Noami Klein’s The Shock Doctrine
    Radio: Air America’s Lionel
    Beverage: 2 32-oz water bottles + wine
    Fruit: Granny Smith apple

    I like Ellen. She’s funny. She’s homosexual. She’s sassy. Haven’t watched either Oprah or Ellen in some time. But Ellen is funny. Ellen is clever. Oprah is Oprah. She is classic like a black evening dress and a pearl necklace. I like Ellen. Ellen is my choice.

  2. @SolidMastery- to the first part of your reply, huh? lol…

    I’m with you about Ellen (your general comments). I enjoy watching her show more now than Oprah. You should’ve seen the dog house Ellen gave to Michelle Obama for her kids when they finally get a dog as promised. I’ll have to find a picture and update this post. Also, Michelle’s arguing that she dances better than Barack was just so cute. Michelle is so down to earth that Oprah might need to watch out. If this presidential gig doesn’t work out, I could totally see her having a fantastic talk show…if she wanted to.

    I wasn’t so into the Olympics this year (or in more recent years in general) that it didn’t mean much to me to have the medalists on Oprah.

  3. SolidMastery says:

    oh ifelicious,

    I was so inspired by your artistic nature (your interviews), I want to do something different.

    I want to give everyone an idea of where I am coming from in each of my responses. Am I over caffeinated? Am I on some black power kick? Am I a little political?

    Well, Ill stop it immediately. Ill live the art to the true professionals.

  4. @SolidMastery- i figured you were hinting you want a feature on my blog. i like it. keep leaving pieces of you as you comment. 🙂 better yet, i can dedicate an ENTIRE post to you. just let me know when!

  5. It’s hard to choose between the two. I both love watching them. And besides they have different style and approach. And what matters most is they both gives us entertainment and inspires us all the time. Cheers to Ellen and Oprah.

  6. @Dating Tips for Men- they are very different. Oprah had a show with Suze Orman last week explaining our financial climate that was extremely insightful and the first time that I really understood all of the ins and outs of why we have this bailout package. She rounded out the show with a segment featuring Maya Angelou and her new book “Letter To My Daughter”. Only Oprah could pull that off.

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