Real World gal we love to hate Beth Stolarczyk- hitched and knocked up

UPDATE 9/5/08 3pm:  I had to shrink that picture of Beth because she annoys me THAT much.   I almost want to the delete the post…but I won’t.  Maybe I’ll go surf for someone that people hate, but I love to love and that’s Coral.  Ya, that’s the ticket.

I guess Beth will be laying low on those RW/RR challenges in order to enjoy her marital bliss with Matt Ciriello and the fact that she’s about 7 months pregnant.  See there’s a love out there for everyone.  😉

Hurry up and pop that baby out, Beth, so we can go back to loving to hate you on the RR/RW challenges.  At the same time, she might be all changed and stuff….ehhhh, doubt it.

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