Boom Kack! Boom Kack! Laurie Ann Gibson’s back- Making the Band 4 (season 3)

First of all, this is such an AWESOME graphic that I have to say that I found it from Pop-Culture Junkie…now whether or not it originated from there, I do not know, but I tried to give some credit.

Awww!  My favorite mama is back, y’all!  Even Diddy had to recognize that that lady MAKES the show.  Fierce!  Lovez it!  She’s super hot to me.  A powerful woman is the epitome of sexiness to me.

Welcome back mamacita!  I missed you.

Whoo!  Brian stepped out of line in episode 3, and you know mama ain’t havin’ that!

I don’t think Laurie and Diddy really reconciled, but sometimes that’s as good as it gets, huh?  The rumor mill was a flyin’ last year about the extent of this fight.  Water under the bridge now, eh?

You been watchin’ this season?  What do you think?  Has anyone seen them in concert?

p.s.  I can’t believe Shannon Bex from Danity Kane is still married!  I’m guessing her hubby does not want any part of the tv hype.  Maybe that’s a good thing.

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