woof! woof! = me likey the tv show "Greatest American Dog"

Awww, look at those adorable pooches in the pic above.

I have secretly fallen in love with this show, even though I don’t think the reviews have been so great. I just like doggies and find the interaction between owner and pet intriguing.  My little poo poo would never make it past the first episode since I have not successfully established myself as alpha dog (he’s so cute and i melt when i see gazes into my eyes), but it’s fun to watch others succeed and fail at getting their little buddies to learn new things.

I don’t watch it every week, but I’ve been rooting for Travis and Presley (3rd from the right in front row).

Here’s an excerpt from popwatch.ew.com about the show…

The canine competitors and their owners live and train at the “Canine Academy.” Each episode, they’ll duke it out in a Dog Bone Challenge to determine which pair gets to stay in puppy paradise, a private luxury suite. The winner also gets to decide which pair will rough it in an outdoor dog house (slightly larger in size than a tent). The rest of the contestants and their pets will share communal bedrooms, which producers clearly hope provides some drama. In the premiere, the challenge was musical doggy chairs. When the music stopped, the owners had to get their dogs to jump up on a tiny platform and sit. Why was I surprised that I was seeing this on a major network? Each episode, there will also be an elimination challenge in which the dogs and owners perform in front of three judges — including an editor-at-large of Dog World and Dog Fancy.

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