Which G do you want to win a hundred Gs?

Wow, it’s soooo nice to finally slow my life down and do things like watch my fav shows.  I just caught the last 2 episodes (as in most recent) of Gs to Gents.  Look at T-Jonessan winning that challenge and make his big turnaround in general!  Hai, hai, hai (hai=yes in Japanese for those who don’t know).  And now Cee winning a business challenge with no financials but some heart.  I think that’s the final two I’d like to see…maybe. I’m convinced that I’d like Cee in the finale, but I’m not convinced on the rest.  Maybe Shotta.  Creepa’s been through it, but I just don’t know that there’s enough in this show to give him the recognition of becoming a gentleman.

E6 is just there (man!  he’s tall isn’t he?), so I could see him going.  He hasn’t shown me anything to get me excited about him.

Oops!  I’ve been typing before seeing the end of the episode, and now I see that T-Jones got sent home to his mama and macaroni.  I like T-Jones to a degree, but his personality would drive me crazy to hang around him on the regular.


  1. oh no i missed an ep. gotta go catch it! u got me watchin this show with your interview with Mikey P. This show is HILARIOUS! T Jones is sooo funny!

  2. I actually think Bentley did not and does not know what he’s doing. These brothas lives are VERY REAL and Bentley does not seem equipped with the skills to REALLY help the brothas out. I hope he can hand them off to someone. For real son dun

  3. i want CREEPA to win because one he needs to make a change for the people that are living that life style and for himself. i know he wants to win cause NOBODY from FLA would be on that show.

  4. I really would like to see Creepa win the money because out of the contestants left, I think he has the most need for it. Cee will just be content with going home to Gina and their daughter, Shotta will no longer have to live out of his car because his mom said on tonight’s show that they could both get an apartment together. So that leaves Creepa. He has admitted to not having a childhood and having to be the “father” of the house and go out and get money any way he could. He has never had time for himself or time to just slow down and enjoy life the way he should. It’s always been about his mother and taking care of her. When he got sick on the show, he admitted to never going to the doctor for lack of funds and he has spent financial aid for college on bills instead of school supplies. It’s sad that since he was a kid he has had the weight of a family on his shoulders and I think it’s time for him to be able to settle down and take care of himself for a while.

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