Why didn’t I get the memo? Vanilla Ice is on tour. ;-)

So I get my sorry ass ticketmaster alerts for Columbus, OH and lo and behold who do I see is coming through Chillicothe (that’s out in the super boonies for those of you not familiar with this area.  i only know of it because i met my doggie’s breeder at a Bob Evans…yes, Bob Evans…with my girl Lala Tamago to pick up my fluffy bundle of joy.).

My life officially sucks when my ticketmaster alert has Vanilla Ice’s tour stop on it.  HEEEEEEELP!

Ok, my meanie guilt is kicking in…I’m sorry, Vanilla (can I call you that?), if you’re trying to have a real music career and maybe even have some talent.  I mean we were jammin’ to “Ice Ice Baby” back in the day.

But, Vanilla, man, come on, you were on The Surreal Life for heaven’s sake!  How the hell is that supposed to help me love you more?

Have your people get in touch with me, and let’s talk…for realz.  I’d really like to know about this tour of yours and your latest music and how you landed the gig in Chillicothe.


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