Weeds Nancy Botwin is badass!

Man! I was wondering when Season 4 was going to crank it up, and episode 4 definitely brings it! Nancy is so badass! That’s HOT! Be careful, don’t let the good taste fool you, for realz.


  1. SolidMastery says:


    I respectfully reject your assessment and supplant it with my own.

    This season in my opinion is not as good as the others.

    Weeds has become a Gaussian distribution. In the beginning Weeds was prodding along and then it began to pick up steam. Every episode became a cliff hanger. Now I look at it just to look at…not really engaging. Weeds has become what it originally was: only marginally entertaining.

  2. SolidMastery says:

    I stand corrected.

    I like it now.

    Oh no, I have official become a flip flopper.

    Move over McCain and Obama…
    Eat your heart out John Kerry.

  3. @SolidMastery…lol!!! It’s ok. Things really picked as of episode 6 “Excellent Treasures” but I think we’re all still holding on in bewilderment…and some level of amusement…to see where this is going.

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