Real World Hollywood Reunion…they so did not keep it real

It was all backpedaling and playing nice. Posers! I can’t bear to say anything more about the reunion episode. We all know what they were really thinking.  They’re worse than the people at my job…oops!…did I write that out loud?  😛

Ok, so I don’t know how to shut up so here’s a few sentences then I’m dunzo.

Bri- you look MUCH better, and seem so mature. I lovez your tennis shoe boot thingies. They’re so cute. Spray tan kind of works for you, and thanks for kicking those micro braids to the curb.

Kim- your hair is looking better.

Fellas- y’all are the rat pack and managed to stay out of dramz. even you Will when you were face to face with Janelle. She handled herself like a lady, but I probably would not have opted to go on that reunion special if I were her. Will just lapped up the attention and did not feed into the hype which probably left Janelle even more pissed. He was like, “ya girl, I did that 4-way shit.”

Sarah- you’re engaged…wow.

So they’re doing a reunion special with all of the seasons.  That’s going to be pretty cool.  It kind of goes with my idea about assembling a real world season made up of alumni members.  MTV, call me.  I’ll sit in on your focus groups or something.  😎

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