New show I’m feelin’ “Jon and Kate + 8” on TLC

Don’t ask me why this show has caught my attention, but it has.  I flipped past it randomly on TLC last week and have been catching it here and there ever since then.  I don’t know…something about Jon and Kate’s interaction reminds me of myself and my hubby.

Kate is kind of the neurotic perfectionist while Jon is sharp and laid back.  It is kind of like my relationship…sans the kids.  Also, their kids are so adorable and have such unique traits about them that they’re just fun to watch.  I guess part of the draw also has to do with the “what on earth?” factor.  I mean I can’t imagine trying to raise 1 kid let alone 8…and they’ve got a set of twins followed by sextuplets!

For me, the eldest of 5, I am drawn to that big family dynamic.  There’s never a dull moment.

In any case, I’m liking the show.  Anyone else been watching?  I don’t even know if what I’m seeing is current or from like forever long ago.  Way to go Gosselin family!  I can only hope that I could be a relaxed and sane as they appear to be on tv.


  1. I love this show as well! My 7 year old daughter & I discovered it a couple of months ago & now we are totally addicted!


  2. I have been watching the show for about a year and love it. Many criticize the way Kate “treats” Jon, but hello that’s real life. Season 3 is underway and I still tune every Mon

  3. @Laurin- Kate does seem to wear the pants in that relationship which has me suspicious to how happy they are off camera. In general, there seems to be a stiffness to both of them, but they aren’t Hollywood actors on a Cosby-like sitcom. It’s real life, like you said, and maybe we as a people are still fanatics for laughs and giggles and feel good moments…the fantasy of marriage. They have a burden as tremendous as their gift of having to raise 8 kids. Throw in a 24/7 camera crew, and I can see divorce potential, but I’m rooting for the best.

    Enjoying the kids just being kids with their distinct personalities is the best part. That’s enough for me to keep watching.

  4. I love this show!!! I have been watching it since the very first hour long special “Surviving Sextuplets and Twins” when it aired on Discovery Health Channel. I will always watch this show until it goes off the air… but who knows when that will be… when the twin girls are teenagers? or when the little kids get sick of the crew being around? No one knows… I hope it wont for a LONG time! I wanna watch them all grow up!

  5. I love the show

  6. I really enjoy this show. Jon and Kate are doing the best they can to rear their children to be loving, responsible adults. They are fortunate to have been handed the opportunity to support their family through the earnings from their book, the shows, speaking engagements, etc… I wish them well because it can’t be easy to have your daily life under a microscope. The children are each special in their own way. I hope we continue to see them thrive for many years to come!

  7. I LOVE this show! My daughter acts like a mix of Cara and Alexis! They’re all adorable!

  8. I absolutely love this show!!!!!!!!!
    I am addicted to it.
    Alexis and Aaden are my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. sandy folts says:

    i had herd that someone tried to take adden at the mall did jon&kate get him back
    sandy nf ny

  10. @sandy folts- i’ve been surfing the net for a few days and don’t see anything about an attempted abduction of aaden. so far, it sounds like a rumor.

    here’s their official family webpage for anyone that might be interested:

  11. OMG! I love this show, its soo amazing what they do.. I have a 7 month old son- and sometimes, i think its rough….could you imagine? Kate must be overwelmed at times, but what a bundle of JOY!!! =]

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