Oh! No she didn’t…Kimberly crossed the line on Real World Hollywood ep2

from mtv.com Guilty as charged. I watched The Real World again, and now it’s on!!! You all need to start writing the producers. Did that ignant southern belle b** Kimberly just call Brianna ghetto? And all the aftermath…she completely did not get it. If you’re white and reading this and thinking that there’s no such thing as racism any more, let me just point my index finger at this situation so maybe you can see it more clearly. She said it in anger and she was COMPLETELY out of line. Even Sarah picked up on that. The apology was fake. Let’s face it, the girls in particular have issues with Brianna being a stripper. I have issues with it. Couple that with the fact that she’s black and it becomes a grand ole pitty party. Brianna could say anything. She should just start telling lies for entertainment and more camera time. Tell them how you were on welfare and you took this gig hoping to make a better life for yourself and your baby that was taken into foster care when you were strung out. Watch Kimberly’s eyes stay wide open as she absorbs every bite and checks off her ignant checklist in her head.

And…I forgot this in my last post, but I’m so hating on LimitedBrands-Victoria’s Secret PINK for pimping their gear on the show. Oh ya, I saw the pink VS bags on the beds when the girls went in the room on that first episode. And I see Kim and Sarah sporting the Pink brand jammies. You know MTV is forever blurring out brand names, so I can only assume VS is paying for some face time. Admittedly, that one is personal. I’ll just leave it there…

At least they’re showing a softer side of Greg “PretyBoy”. Ok, I’m hooked on The Real World. I just can’t stop, even when I want to. So I’ll be watching and hating and sometimes liking it, too. It’s my Starbucks people. At least it’s not costing me 5 bucks a day (I’m so glad I don’t like coffee).


  1. I posted the above comment in the name of taking the high road, and because, beneath all of the inflammatory remarks, is a point this anonymous person is making. I was hoping for another comment before sharing mine, but I’ll go ahead and share my two cents.

    If I were to hazard a guess, I think this person is trying to say that African Americans live by a double standard when it comes to using “forbidden” words. I subscribe to that argument to some degree. However, if the intention (like “kjbnjkl” shares here or in the case of Kimberly in this post) is to do nothing more than insult or impose perceived superiority over others, then the line has been crossed.

  2. This is a perfect example of why people such as myself believe that largely it is fruitless to attempt to educate the uneducated. For the sake of analogies and assuming the next unintelligent poster can actually process this, let’s use the examples of families and understand that every relationship isn’t equal. There may be many of days where I would or maybe have fought with my siblings. That is the familiarity and relationship that we have developed. However, a total stranger striking one of my siblings takes on a completly different tone and perception. Is this a double standard, NO, because the relationship isn’t equal (this just in, in order to have a double standard the standards must be the same/equal). My point being, we develop relationships with people and from that, rules develop as we are intelligent (use the word loosely) beings we are able to distinguish a line of respect based on these “unequal” relationships. Let me humor this silly subject with one more analogy. Often times in parks, on the street, and just out in the world we see couples with their hands in each others back pocket or maybe a slight squeeze is executed in public. Does this mean that all the viewers of this “affection” can get in line for their own squeeze of the available buttock? and if not, certainly we of course scream “double standard”, “hypcorisy”? right??? So for all those that view the first posters comments as true, I encourage you, the next time you see a couple kissing or squeezing some body part in public, hop on it and get your squeeze in. We wouldn’t want to subject you to any “double standards”. It amazes me that in 2008 this type of human interaction actually still has to be explained…

  3. the first comment has been deleted to which the replies refer to. IFELICIOUS NEW RULE…i will not allow cowards to make racist comments on my blog and not be willing to identify themselves. man up!

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