Who’s hotter or notter…Al B. Sure! vs Lil Al B. Sure!

you know my vote, but i can’t hate on either one…



  1. Al B. Sure but that doesn’t mean he is all of that. I know Lil B Sure should have gotten kicked off Rock the Cradle instead of Hammer’s daughter. I think her appearance got her knocked off and I think that is wrong ’cause the girl can sing.

  2. Well, A’Keiba can now commiserate with Lil B and Landon. That’s about enough of that show for me, however, I do think last night gave me some hope as the singers seem to be coming into their own.

    Al B. still makes me goo-goo even with his middle aged self, although not so crazed as high school. He has matured nicely. 🙂

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