MTV’s Rock the Cradle gets a big fat "D" for Disappointment

In concept, Rock the Cradle is a brilliant show idea. Kind of an extension of VH-1’s Where Are They Now meets American Idol? Even I raised an eyebrow, especially when I knew Al B. Sure’s son, Lil B. Sure, was going to be on there. Yes, Al B. Sure was the only musical crush I had that I will claim in shame. Actually, I loved Tracy Chapman, but that was on a deeper level and completely shameless because she had real talent. As for Al B. Sure, I’m simply embarassed when a family member reminds me of that era and all the posters from Word Up magazine hung all over my wall and locker. My dad always claimed that Al had no talent and often jokingly sang “Off On Your Own” in falsetto. Talent debate aside, I still blush at the flashbacks to his videos and the recent glimpses I’ve seen of him on this year. 😉

Enough of my 80s flashback and on to the show…none of these kids could sing. I mean NONE of them! They all seem to have comfort and confidence on the stage, probably fostered by growing up in that world. Hold on while I hit the mute button as Lara Johnston butcher’s “I’m With You” by Avril Lavigne…Ghastly!

If any of them are going to make it, they need to prove they’re at least better than American Idol finalists, which they’re not, and they have to work twice as hard to prove in order to step out of the shadows and show they can hold their own.

Well, MTV, you just teed up candidates for the next season of your sister station VH-1’s The Surreal Life. You watch and tell me what you think.

Ok, A’Keiba Burrell has some talent, but you could see that as they were telling her story. Although, her sound isn’t so different than another good black songstress. Nothing uniquely identifying or memorable. Good luck, A’Keiba, maybe you can help bail your father out of debt (that was wrong, I know). 🙂 Ok, Crosby Loggins isn’t horrendous but not fanstastic either.

Who do you think has the mojo to release a #1 hit?

UPDATE 5/7: Since writing this post and later having the interview with Lil B Sure, I’ve been surfing for other blog posts about the show and about Lil B. The blog Real Gossip 101seems to have dedicated quite some time to this effort. I have no idea why I didn’t bump into this before, but I’m linking a few of the posts below. They are pretty tough on Lil B and his good friend Landon Brown, but what’s fame without controversy?

…and I’d be remiss not to put in a shameless plug for my own posts about Lil B Sure:

interview with Lil B Sure and  a promo about Lil B (thanks to Ideal PR for both)

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