Where are you, Fatty Koo?

So the one morsel of excitement of moving to Columbus, Ohio, other than getting a geeky job but at a cool fashion spot, was that maybe I could finally find out what happened to Fatty Koo.

For those of you who don’t know, there was a reality show on BET that was actually good and didn’t seem like a cheap knock-off from MTV. It showcased this up and coming (at least I thought they were…BET…figures…) band of young, super talented artists from none other than Columbus, OH or met there or something. I know at least one of them is from here. They met through The John Lennon Educational Tourbus in a program called “Oneness” while in Columbus and somehow, one thing led to another and “bladdow!” they landed a reality TV show called “Blowin’ Up: Fatty Koo.”

I fell in love with their stories, their journey, and how super talented they were/are. I must have been 1 of like 10 people who bought the album apparently because they seemed to up and disappear. The album was good especially the song “Chills” that Valure (Kiana Allison) from the group sang…and she can SANG!!! Actually, that’s how a local friend here and I were connected. We were in Toledo (I swore I’d never return to Ohio after a summer in Toledo…serves me right…) on an internship and that was one of our first conversations.

Anyhooz, I was all excited to be living here so that I could hunt them down and become a groupie…or something along those lines. No such luck folks! This is harder than looking for the Real World house in Miami (don’t ask…).

Where are you, Fatty Koo? I want you to sign my cd. 😛   I totally HEART you, Fatty Koo!!!

Update 2/22/08…just so you know…I bought 2 cd’s during the pre-release period. That’s how dedicated of a fan I was. I sent one to one of my sisters and kept one for myself. I think I even bought one for my Toledo gal pal. Mr. Gabrielle’s cousin (I hope I’m not being punked), holla at me via Facebook.

Video on how Fatty Koo came into existence

Video for “Bounce”

Video of Fatty Koo performing “Chills” on Soul Train

This song really didn’t get the airplay it deserved.  It could be top 20 hit today.


  1. One of the members from Fatty Koo, Gabrielle, is my cousin. Honestly I could see what I could do.

  2. Hmmm…I must not have saved my comment from last night. Nice to meet you Jayy Nova. I checked out your page on MySpace and I like your sound. Let me know if your band is ever performing somewhere so we can check it out and support the local talent.

    Now onto Gabrielle and Fatty Koo…Gabrielle was such a sweety on the show. I’d love to meet her sometime. Shoo! I’d like to meet the whole crew sometime…but I’d be ok with a signed cd.

    See what you can do, I’d love the opportunity to connect with them. I don’t have a MySpace page. If you’re for real, holla back at me through this site or ifelicious@gmail.com.

  3. lovelybaby says:

    Have you found any of the members yet???

  4. @lovelybaby…Nope. No such luck. I’m going to have to kick into a higher gear, but I don’t want to sound like some crazy obsessed fan. I’m just wondering what happened to them and what they’re up to now. I’ll figure it out somehow…stay tuned…

  5. AirReese says:

    I have been searching for them via the internet for years….Velour has a response to “Chills” on youtube…

    Good luck with your search…I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  6. Omg I completely forgot to check up on this site, I had a lot goin down that week and totally forgot my apologies!!!!

  7. da_armyboiga says:

    I was all over them when i was in Iraq in 05-06…I never got to watch the show but i still listen to there music now Cheddar Fries Cheddar Fries LMFAO!

  8. i wish someone would stage a reunion. i was one of the 10 that bought their album. loved them.

  9. Pemora- i bought it, too! i really thought they had potential. something must’ve went down that ultimately didn’t make that group stick. all of them could outsing/sing with the best of the American Idol top 12. thanks for posting! 🙂

  10. Wish we knew more about them!

  11. Hey I know Gabrielle, she is one of the sweetest girls I have met!!!

  12. krystal says:

    Kiana Allison is on FB sge makes daily posts none about fatty koo though

  13. Krystal- thanks for that info! I had to Google to figure out that Kiana = Valure from Fatty Koo. she had one of the best voices in the group.

  14. Gabrielle and Valure have been putting out new music! 😉 <3

  15. Are you THE Gabrielle? 🙂 Glad to hear an update. It might be time for a “Where are they now?” blog post.

  16. Sure! I just sent you an email 🙂

  17. I got it. 😉 Glad to be in touch.

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