Roy Hamilton III Brings Number One Hits to Solo Debut – R.Kelly, Joe, MJ & More!

Roy “Royalty” Hamilton III is a rare performer who has both true musicality and business acumen on his side, and he is ready for everything to come full circle in his career.As he prepares to unleash his debut solo album The Last Monarch/The MA-Day on May 3, 2010…With an impressive discography of work to his name, the young producer is currently on the Billboard charts with the R. Kelly R&B/Hip Hop Top Ten hit “Number One” featuring Keri Hilson, which Roy co-produced with his brother Raphael “RiffRaff” Hamilton.

Ifelicious hawt jam- "Miss Independent" by Ne-Yo

What girl doesn’t start singing along whenever this plays on the radio?  I like Ne-Yo’s smooth vocals over that catchy dance beat.  Perfect for the empowerment drive to work.  😉 Gabrielle Union has so typified the tough sharp black woman in the roles she’s played in film.  Lovezz her! Click and listen…