Tracy Chapman “Born to Fight”… a dedication for Fantasia Barrino after overdose

Fantasia Barrino hospitalized yesterday in Charlotte, NC after apparent overdose/suicide attempt on combination of apsirin and sleeping pills. This comes on the heels of Paula Cook allegations that Fantasia broke up her marriage to Antwuan Cook and created sex tapes.

Throwback Friday- Tracy Chapman “Behind The Wall” (a dedication)

This week, I’m taking a more serious turn from my regular Throwback Friday posts in light of Rihanna speaking out about abusive relationship at the hands of Chris Brown. Also, I have maybe a handful of artists at most that are my absolute favorites and Tracy Chapman is one of them. It was actually my dad that introduced me to her. He received a copy of her self titled debut album, released in 1988, on cassette tape and dubbed a copy for me (a real treat in our house growing up) after realizing that I enjoyed listening to it so much.

MTV’s Rock the Cradle gets a big fat "D" for Disappointment

In concept, Rock the Cradle is a brilliant show idea. Kind of an extension of VH-1’s Where Are They Now meets American Idol? Even I raised an eyebrow, especially when I knew Al B. Sure’s son, Lil B. Sure, was going to be on there. Yes, Al B. Sure was the only musical crush I […]