The Hills series finale falls flat

Be honest. The only people that have kept The Hills afloat after LC and Whitney’s exit was the whole Heidi and Spencer drama. Even adding Kristin Cavallari to come in and show her her vulnerable side as she drooled over recycled too many times old flame Brody Jenner wasn’t enough to keep me into the show. The Hills finale fell completely flat for me, MTV, which may be more of an indication that the show is long past its heyday.

MTV The Hills Season 5 opener- Birthdays to Bar Brawls

MTV The Hills Season 5 opener/resumes- Birthdays to Bar Brawls

The Hills, season4, ep2 is packed full o’ drama mates!

MTV might as well have skipped the dog and pony show that was episode 1 and cut right to this one.  I got all the nail biters I needed to keep me hooked for another season.   Spencer and his whole mafioso style family first speech number 1 cazillion.  The Audrina and Lo cat fight.  Kelly […]

Will Heidi upstage LC on her own show?

I’m still Team LC, but I’m happy to see Heidi grow some balls to go with her boob job and mediocre voice. 😉 I’m such a hater, I know. I do think she’s prettier than Lauren. Ouch! That hurt to come out of my mouth. Does that help you silly Heidi fanatics? And it hurts even more to say that I think Heidi might actually upstage Lauryn on her own show. Her bitchy” backstabbingness” is kind of winning me over. Lauryn plays the victim a lot, and I’d like to see the show show (that was weird) more of her confident, does her own thing side.