Heidi and Spencer renew vows, Heidi’s mom offering $5K motivational speaking gigs, all are in debt

Heidi and Spencer renewed their vows recently in a private ceremony at a beachfront house in Carpentria, California. They are reportedly broke and the ceremony was sponsored…Heidi Montag‘s mother, Darlene Egelhoff…is now advertising motivational speaking engagements on her blog, Metamorphosis of a Mother. The cost? A whopping $5000 a pop.

The Hills series finale falls flat

Be honest. The only people that have kept The Hills afloat after LC and Whitney’s exit was the whole Heidi and Spencer drama. Even adding Kristin Cavallari to come in and show her her vulnerable side as she drooled over recycled too many times old flame Brody Jenner wasn’t enough to keep me into the show. The Hills finale fell completely flat for me, MTV, which may be more of an indication that the show is long past its heyday.

Spencer Pratt producing reality show “Fist Pumping for Love” featuring Snooki’s ex

Just when reality TV couldn’t get any weirder, Spencer Pratt apparently has his own production company called Pratt Productions (who knew?) and has partnered up with Snooki’s ex, Emilio Masella, who will be “Fist Pumping for Love.” Yes, you read that as I right as I read it in the People article. Filming is already underway.

Season 6 marks the end of “The Hills” for MTV

I just via MTV’s twitter account (@MTV) that this upcoming season of MTV’s “The Hills” will mark the end of the show’s taping (see MTV Remote Control Blog “Say it ain’t so! The Hills to sign off after season 6”). It makes sense given that the show’s original star, Lauren Conrad, and one of her besties, Whitney Port, have moved onto other projects. Not to mention that Spencer Pratt had to leave part of this season’s taping to attend anger management classes (see Us Magazine article “Spencer Pratt is not Leaving The Hills”). Not even Kristin Cavallari can drum up enough drama on her own, and Heidi…well…she’s Heidi.

Oh wait! MTV was just kidding. The Hills will roll on for a 6th season.

Just when I was bored out of my mind watching the same round of antics I see every week on MTV’s The Hills, I get to hear that the show must go on. LC will retire as planned and they’re talking about adding Kristen Cavallari (remember her from Laguna Beach?