11/9/2009 What The Buck: Taylor Swift- Musical Monologue SNL

Since Buck Hollywood is so random, I guess I’ll collect my random thoughts below from watching this vid. Buck, let me guess that you love Taylor Swift? I’m with you on Rihanna except it being for her upcoming album. I’m also aching for Glee to come back on! …

10/5/2009- What the Buck “Lady Gaga Attacks Madonna on SNL!”

The blooper in the middle is hilarious!!! I agree with Buck Hollywood, I don’t think the SNL skit with Madonna and Lady Gaga was all that, but people are all goo goo over Gaga. LOL! 😆

Boy, that SNL spoof of Christian Siriano from Project Runway really took off

Kudos to Saturday Night Live for propelling an already growing phenomenon known as Christian Siriano from Project Runway to the mass audiences. I’m still mad he won, but I’m seeing a trend on that show. They’re liking the punky look designer in a gay, straight, or any other form.